Raw Bar

Conveniently located in the heart of Wrigleyville, Raw Bar is the perfect combination of atmosphere and fine dining. Whether it’s a stop after the game for drinks or the beginning to an evening show, the Raw Bar’s creative menu, fun atmosphere and superb food make it ideal for any occasion. The restaurant is decorated by 40s and 60s art deco, an oak wood bar and back bar, as well as a dining room. Each room is decorated in its own unique Tuscany European way. Our wine list, tapas, and entrée specials change frequently according to the seasons and events around the world.

We are one of the pioneers of serving ostrich meat, considered to be a healthy, low in fat red meat, as well as exotic alligator meat, which is very tender and delicious- smothered in creamy Louisiana mushroom sauce. We have been serving it for the last 10 years and find it a challenge to keep up with the demand.

Address: 3720 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60613-3810 - Get Directions
Website: http://rawbarandgrill.com/
Extra Information:
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