Wrigley Field Parking: Best Kept Secrets

Wrigley Field Parking: Best Kept Secrets

Forget the “curse” and forget that the Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908 (six years before Wrigley Field was even built), the fans still love their Cubbies and every year more than 3 million of them are drawn to the Friendly Confines. If you’ve made the pilgrimage, you know the real Cubs curse is parking in Wrigleyville.

Finding parking close to Wrigley has historically been a challenge. Wrigley Field does not have designated parking, so what has developed is a catch-as-catch-can patchwork of informal, unlicensed parking options, including guys in lawn chairs flagging cars down to park behind an apartment. For the privilege of being wedged in nose-to-nose with other cars, you can expect to be gouged $50 dollars (or more) with a premium up-charge for spaces that offer an easy-out after the game.
Park for Wrigley

For the past few years, there has been an online secret to parking near Wrigley Field — a virtual parking garage where you can make parking reservations in advance, and be guaranteed an easy-in and easy-out on the busiest game days: Park For Wrigley. Click on the link to Park For Wrigley on Aboutparking.com and you’ll see for yourself. There are more than 1,000 parking spaces available there—many that you’d never be able to access any other way. A great example is the Sports Authority lot at 3431 N. Clark St., a parking opportunity available exclusively to Park For Wrigley users—more details on this to follow.

Exterior view of Wrigley Field

At the site, you’ll find more than half a dozen lots and garages, ranging in price from 14 to 25 dollars a space. All of the lots and garages are unattended, fully automated places to park near the ballpark. After you make your reservation and pre-pay, all you have to do is drive up, take your ticket and park. When you are ready to go, you press the intercom button on the exit gate and give your reservation number to the operator. The operator opens the exit gate remotely, and away you go. The parking within easy walking distance of Wrigley Field average about $25. The less expensive ones, which might require a brief ride on the ‘L’, are closer to $14. Whichever parking option near Wrigley you choose, you’ll do better than trying your luck with the lawn chair guys.

You can also go to most of the Park For Wrigley garages and not prepay. Most feature either a walk-up pay station or a pay station in the exit traffic lane. They all accept cash or major credit cards. It could not be easier to have guaranteed parking for games at Wrigley Field.

The parking lots closest to Wrigley Field are 3224 N. Halsted St. — where you simply press the intercom button and present your ePermit; the lot at The Vic Theater — where the clearance is 6 feet 8 inches, so keep that in mind; and the Sports Authority lot — where you did not think you could park because of the big signs warning you that your car will be towed if you do. But if you go through Park For Wrigley, you can park there. In fact, it’s the only way you can. They only accept prepayment, and by displaying your e-permit on the dash, you have no fear of being towed. It’s a great secret parking option near Wrigley.

Next time you drive to the game, don’t troll for a too-expensive, unlicensed spot where you might get hemmed in until the car ahead of you leaves. Don’t worry about giving your keys to a stranger, and don’t deal with the traffic congestion around the park. With the resources at Park For Wrigley, you’re guaranteed a parking spot out of congestion just a short walk from Wrigley. You’ll pass great bars and restaurants in Wrigleyville, so it’s a pleasant walk to boot.


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